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Boredom and frustration are common causes of behaviour that we may find challenging in people with dementia.  If the person is occupied and stimulated, the behaviour that you find most challenging may lessen or even stop altogether. 


Some types of activity can help the person you're caring for to express their feelings:

  • Creative writing - use objects that are familiar to the person or group you are with, such as terry towelling nappies, jars of nuts and bolts or sewing box, and talk about the items.  You can write down the different responses on each line and create a
    • Discovering new ways to stimulate the person can be satisfying and may enable staff to think differently about their caring role. 
    poem about each object which can be compiled into a book.
  • Personal Activity Bags - these can be developed in a similar way to a memory box and be personalised with things that are relevant to the individual.  The advantage to a bag is it can be carried around and looked at when the person desires.
  • Photograph and picture box, filled with either personal or general pictures - this provides the opportunity to either recall memories or introduce new topics of conversations.
  • Odd sock basket - sorting, matching items.  Any fabric items can be used.

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