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A new guide was launched this week by the Department of Health aimed at leaders and managers working in domiciliary services who are providing care and support to people with dementia. The good practice guide was compiled by Skills of Care, working closely with social care employers and key partners across England. It is aimed to support managers to undertake values based recruitment of home care staff, ensuring they are motivated and also support care staff who works with people with dementia whose behaviour may be challenging. It discusses the key elements on how to maintain dignity and person-centred care as well as discussing other important aspects such as hydration and nutrition. Case studies are used to provide examples on how to establish the right type of care for clients with dementia and gives guidelines on how environments can be adapted to provide opportunities for people with dementia to be involved in their daily living activities. Additionally the guide covers working with carers to support the person with dementia, facilitating and enabling meaningful activity and supporting end of life care as well as other areas.

Please see the Better domiciliary care for people with dementia by Skills for Care at the following link: