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The Department of Health has launched a consultation on draft regulations and guidance for Part 1 of the 2014 Care Act. Implementation of Part 1 of the Care Act will be in 2015/2016. For more information about the Care Act and to take part in the consultation process, please visit www.careandsupportregs.dh.gov.uk. This site is open for comments until 15 August 2014.


A new guide was launched this week by the Department of Health aimed at leaders and managers working in domiciliary services who are providing care and support to people with dementia. The good practice guide was compiled by Skills of Care, working closely with social care employers and key partners across England. It is aimed to support managers to undertake values based recruitment of home care staff, ensuring they are motivated and also support care staff who works with people with dementia whose behaviour may be challenging. It discusses the key elements on how to maintain dignity and person-centred care as well as discussing other important aspects such as hydration and nutrition. Case studies are used to provide examples on how to establish the right type of care for clients with dementia and gives guidelines on how environments can be adapted to provide opportunities for people with dementia to be involved in their daily living activities. Additionally the guide covers working with carers to support the person with dementia, facilitating and enabling meaningful activity and supporting end of life care as well as other areas.

Please see the Better domiciliary care for people with dementia by Skills for Care at the following link: 



To increase the number of apprentices in adult social care, Skills for Care has developed two new videos to encourage people aged 16 - 24 to join the sector. The first video, a 30 second 'Think Social' advert will be seen by half a million people in prime slots before the new Richard Curtis blockbuster 'About Time' in cinemas across England from tomorrow. The advert shows a day in the life of Ellie Fudge, an 18 year old apprentice in adult social care, who works for Gold Hill Care. To view the advert before it hits the cinemas tomorrow visit: www.skillsforcare.org.uk/thinksocialcare The second video shows Gracie and Gladis, two young apprentices who work for Whitefriars Nursing and Residential Home. They talk about what they most enjoy about their job, and about some of the challenges they face.


Care providers know that embedding clear values, attitudes and behaviours in their workforce is key to quality service delivery and the new Social Care Commitment is designed to reinforce that in workplaces across England. Employers, individual employers and care workers will be able to sign up from 9 September promising to uphold seven statements that will help improve workforce quality. The Social Care Commitment is seen by the Department of Health as a key part of the solution to improving the standard of, and the public's confidence in care and support services. It marks the first time the sector has come together to make a public commitment to constantly improve the care and support provided by England's 1.63 million adult social care workers.

For more information visit www.skillsforcare.org.uk/thesocialcarecommitment


The Common core principles for dignity resource is now available to use online. The resource has been developed to provide clear guidance and practical examples for the adult social care workforce to ensure dignity is at the heart of quality care and support. The online edition allows you to easily navigate between the sections, includes a function to search for specific elements and allows you to download any individual section.
For more information visit www.skillsforcare.org.uk/dignity


The standard of care provided for people with dementia is "patchy", the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has said. Some people with the condition were not getting even basic levels of care, it added. The warning came as NICE unveiled new standards for dementia care in England, covering issues such as housing and access to leisure services. Care services were playing "catch-up" on dementia, it said. NICE's dementia guidance includes 10 standards it wants the care sector to follow. One calls for people with dementia to live in housing that meets their needs, while another says they should be given the support they need to access leisure activities. Others focus on keeping patients involved in community life and ensuring they get access to services such as dentists and opticians. BBC News As the number of people with dementia increases it is important that the adult social care workforce has the skills and knowledge needed to provide the high quality services required. Skills for Care has developed specific dementia qualifications at level 2 and 3 that support employers to meet standards as stipulated in CQC requirements. The health and social care diplomas at level 2 and 3 also have a specialist dementia pathway which allows learners to tailor their learning to their job role and demonstrates occupational competence.
For more information on the qualifications visit www.skillsforcare.org.uk

Code of Conduct and National Minimum Training Standards launched Skills for Care and Skills for Health have launched the Code of Conduct and National Minimum Training Standards for healthcare support workers who report to nurses or midwives and adult social care workers in England. The long awaited Code describes the standards of conduct, behaviour and attitudes that the public and the people who need healthcare, care and support services should expect of workers. The National Minimum Training Standards define the minimum knowledge workers must have, irrespective of individual job role. Both the Code and the Standards were created after extensive consultation with employers and workers across both sectors to make sure they were fit for purpose. 
For more information go to www.skillsforcare.org.uk
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