Hamilton House
Mabledon Place

Phone: 0203 9118746
Out of Hours Emergency
Phone: 07500566086

E-mail: info@professionalangels.co.uk

We are extremely proud of our organisation and the team we have assembled to service and promote our business. It is fully understood and readily accepted, that our staff are a most valuable asset and the key means by which we can achieve our goals of growth and on going success.


In order for us to continue providing our customers with the highest quality standards of service and best value for money, it is essential that we all share a common philosophy in the way we approach and perform our individual and collective duties and responsibilities.


We will ask nothing of you that we would not ask of any member of staff. Primarily, we would ask all of our

 employees for loyalty, honesty, commitment to delivering a high quality service and hard work. You, as part of the care team, are a key member of our organisation. It is through your commitment and expertise that vulnerable people can continue their lives with the maximum of dignity and independence.